QVLS-iLabs funded with 15 million euros

QVLS-iLabs funded with 15 million euros

© Jan Hosan/TU-Braunschweig
Developing the hardware of an ion trap quantum computer to make it scalable is one of the approaches that the QVLS-iLabs are driving forward

The network of innovation ensures long-term cooperation between research and industry, so that the region's quantum technologies can be widely applied

The QVLS-iLabs are one of the seven winners of the second round of the Clusters4Future programme of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The project will now receive a total of 15 million euros in a first funding phase over the next three years. Future clusters are funded in three funding phases of three years each with a total of up to 45 million euros.

On the basis of already existing strong cooperations, the iLabs will now establish a regional innovation network for quantum technologies in the Hanover-Braunschweig region in order to tap the economic potential of quantum metrology and quantum computers in particular. The QVLS-iLabs thus ideally complement the Hitech Incubator (QVLS-HTI), which started receiving funding in July and with which start-ups in particular receive the necessary support for their path to industrial maturity. The QVLS-iLabs create the basis for the region''s quantum technologies to be widely applied.

Further information on the QVLS-iLabs website (in german)